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South Shore Skin Center offers various cosmetic injectables to smooth the skin and make it more radiant. Our offerings include some of the most popular and widely-recommended injectables and fillers:

Belotero Balance®
Voluma® & Juvederm® Family of Fillers

About Flexile Classic

Your dermatologist may recommend multiple injectables, based on the results you want. Some injectables smooth out wrinkles for more graceful aging. Others make the skin look fuller and reduce drooping or sagging. Some are specialized for certain areas of the face. Injectables are most commonly used in the chin area, around the eyes and eyebrows, and on and around the lips.

Risks and results of each procedure vary according to your unique skin. Patients generally see results after one treatment, but your dermatologist may recommend additional treatments, based on your initial results. If you’ve been waiting to reveal the new you, now is the time to start. Make an appointment with our office to discuss injectables as part of your customized cosmetic dermatology treatment plan.

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